E3 Predictions - Ubisoft

Player2 looks through the crystal ball and tries to predict what is coming from Ubisoft at E3 2015

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Footyspacecadet1323d ago

Ubisoft could surprise I think with one of their little "indie" style titles. Something like Valiant Hearts or Child of Light.

Mapsman1323d ago

That Rayman engine is stunning

jb2271322d ago

I would absolutely love a new Rayman composed entirely of the music level idea from Legends. Might be costly to license tunes but even if they are all originals, that'd be a music game I could get behind.

lelo2play1323d ago

Beyond Good and Evil 2... please.

dancerOfDeath1323d ago

Personally I want to finally see the mutliplayer component of The Division in all its glory, with tons of info. Also more Rainbow Six with a beta date. Expecting them to announce Splinter Cell as well.

Some Airmech Arena content would be good, too. Been playing it a lot lately. A lengthened Survival mode would be fun.

Mainly just in it for the Tom Clancy.

SpamnJam1323d ago

Ubi this year I think will be the most boring of presentations. Not much on the horizon for them that isn't a sequel. Hopefully they surprise us all though

Spikeantestor1323d ago

The next game in the Rayman Origins/Legends series I hope.