In-Depth: Inside Avatars For The Xbox 360

GameSetWatch: "My esteemed colleague Mr. Christian Nutt was kind enough to wander up to Microsoft's GameFest, where they actually seem to have made almost as many big announcements as E3, and here's some great dev-specific intel on avatars for the Xbox 360."

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NegativeCreepWA3738d ago

I hate avatars already. I'm glad I can still use my free splatter pic.
I wouldn't mind avatars so much if they weren't E rated and I could make a rugged character carrying a lancer. That would suit the 360 fanbase a lot more than these goofy looking bobble heads.

Zerodin3738d ago

Gotta at least see how it stacks up to Miis.

edhe3737d ago

Well considering the parental controls that are applicable in the 360 i don't see why they couldn't expand out the avatars to support things like that.

Would be great to make a your avatar into a gears character so you and your 4 other buddies can all look the part before jumping into horde.

MS have a good enough understanding of their current market to make that a possibility i hope.

GiantEnemyCrab3738d ago

"How about edgy avatars? Egbert explained: "This is a product for everyone, so nothing in here will violate an E10 rating - no weapons, no compromising situations."

Absolutely fvcking ghey! MS, in one fail misguided move, is not only killing itself from potential buys but is destroying its already loyal fanbase who are more inclined to "M" rated material than "E"

Very disappointing. You are not the Wii, you will never be the Wii anyone who would be remotely interested in this childish ugliness has already bought a Wii and has absolutely no interest in an Xbox 360.

These things will never see my 360 even if I have to skip this update and pull the Xbox Live connection from my system.

Dark Kitsune3738d ago

Who cares! And Microsoft won't read this here so why post it here. Send them an e-mail or something if you think they give a sh**.

GiantEnemyCrab3738d ago

What you didn't know? Whenever I type the Microsoft Ninja's read it and pass it to Bill himself. Everybody knows that!

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3738d ago

Get yours today xbots!


GiantEnemyCrab3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

XMB like styling..LOL that is the funniest thing I've read. XMB was a rip-off of Windows Media Center. The new dashboard looks more like an Apple interface than that cheap ghetto XMB. It's nothing like say Trophie rip-offs.

Draw me a picture of a sad clown.. a sad clown with a PS3 sticking out of its ass. You can call it "self-portrait".

Xbox360 Mujahid3738d ago

u waste ur time drawin pics !
u should be playing the superior best console in the world
Infidels !

X360 FTW

solidsnakus3738d ago

gotta say after looking at those pics a little more impressed

RAM MAGNUMS3738d ago

our avatars will have hands & your face.
you can move around & shop for dumb stuff.
if you want, you can go into the EA space & diss them.
home is coming gamers & alot more R rated, the least
it will be pg13.
that moment giantenemycrab had will hit the sameway
to millions of gamers soon.
Its the WTF happened to my xbox moment.

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The story is too old to be commented.