Game Argus Review: NCAA Football '09 (Wii)

Game Argus writes: "It's understood that EA is going to aim towards a more casual or introductory gamer with their Wii releases. However, making them so dumbed down to the point where you might as well just let the computer play itself isn't bringing anyone into gaming. The number of ridiculous design problems with NCAA Football '09 doesn't help matters either.

The big addition for the inaugural release of NCAA on the Wii is All Play. This simple control set up is on by default, though doesn't change much from the so called "advanced" controls. Aside from running, almost everything is controlled by flicking the Wii Remote upwards. Passing, juking, catching, kicking, tackling, etc. It's all handled by a single motion, hardly interactivity at its finest or more involving. You can't even put players in motion before the snap when using All Play."

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