GOG Explains Why It’s Not Selling Hatred

GG3 writes: "A short while before top-down shooter Hatred made it onto Steam, a press release was sent out stipulating that online store GOG would not stock the game."

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Timesplitter141226d ago

I agree with them, and steam shouldn't have brought it back. The antisocial basement dweller part of the gaming community should just disappear

Khajiit861226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Played Hatred, its pretty sick, but nothing compared to my killing sprees in GTAV. If you like killing people in GTAV wtf is the difference here? For anyone that plays GTAV tell me how many of you never started a random killing spree in GTAV?

You kill civilians and cops come, then you kill cops and civilians.... Thats Hatred, sound familiar?

If you like Hotline Miami and GTAV, then you should try Hatred.

Timesplitter141226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

GTA isn't ABOUT going on a killing spree. That's the difference.

And Hotline Miami has a really interesting story that justifies the killings. Not like Hatred's "I hate everyone because my mom didn't buy me the Slipknot album I wanted" story

Valenka1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

While the violence in Hatred isn't that far from the violence in GTA (as a whole, not just GTA V), the sole difference is that violent, hateful and disturbing executions are not encouraged or insisted in GTA.

Hatred's main concept is the merciless killing of innocent people as they beg and plead for their lives. Committing such acts in GTA is entirely optional, while in Hatred, that's what the entire game revolves around. In my opinion, I think Hatred's violence is much more brutal and disturbing than GTA has ever been and will ever be. I don't usually partake in shooting sprees in GTA, but it doesn't make my skin crawl like Hatred does.

I do understand where you're coming from and see your point as clear as a summer's day, but there's a fine line between what's optional and what's mandatory in this context of Hatred vs Grand Theft Auto.

At the end of the day though, despite my previous opinion regarding Hatred, as long as the appropriate age restriction is placed, let it exist. Of course, retailers reserve the right to choose not to sell Hatred due to their own beliefs, which is perfectly understandable.

Heaven forbid, but I'm just waiting for some psychopath to shoot someone and then blame it on the game.

SilentNegotiator1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

And the people that still characterize gamers that they disagree with as "antisocial basement dwellers" don't?

Do you worry about the "antisocial basement dweller" movie watchers?
The "antisocial basement dwellers" music listeners?
The "antisocial basement dwellers" sports fans?

someOnecalled1226d ago

as far as i know most top down shooters is nothing but killing. i know amazing right.

SnakeCQC1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Im glad gog didn't sell it

dreamed1226d ago

Oh your so squeeky clean arnt you......

SnakeCQC1226d ago

Oh you're so squeaky clean aren't you......

Fixed it for you

hangdang1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

It's cool if they don't want my money, I'll give it to someone else. Also funny because they have the Postal games on sale right now

MilkMan1226d ago

Nope, they should have sold it. Its not up to them to vet games deemed unclean for the masses. Let you and I make that decision. HOWEVER, it is their service and they can do as they please. Its a private company and so forth and that rating that Hatred got is joke bro, i cant even begin to count how many games are just as over the top as Hatred and yet they get M's or T's. Its all BS anyway. I hope Hatred sells through the roof on principle alone.

helterskelter1226d ago

How would a 9/11 flight simulator go down? Who has the moral authority to deem such a game bannable?

SilentNegotiator1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

I wasn't aware that Hatred was based on a real event that happened within most of our lifetimes and thus totally comparable. /s

Almost 3000 people died on 9/11. 0 people died in the fictional story in Hatred. Guess which one is FAR more tasteless.

someOnecalled1226d ago

compares a dumb game thats offensive to a top down shooter( which all of them have you kill people or things for no reason, mainly a theme).

how smart is this site.
i even do one better
game about killing gay people compared to a game that about killing indiscriminately(like most games but lacking the story, BUT its a top down shooter, name 5 that have a story, most likely your gonna google it).

dreamed1226d ago

Its a bloody game for god sake!!!!... geez i cant stand ppl who are on a mission from god to save us from ourselves......fuckin daily mail readers the lot of ya.....

same fuckin ppl who think keepin drugs illegal is a good thing...i suppose it is if your like most of my neighbours who sell rock n gear and make fortunes, coz goodie two shoes whats to shove their head in the sand and say shit like"i wanna live in a world without drungs and violent video games"......geez you ppl do my head in!!!!!!!

remixx1161226d ago

I'm guessing its just........some people have morals homie. We all have a different outlook on things bro.

Khajiit861226d ago

I played Hatred and have seen sicker shyt in Witcher 3

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