SimCity BuildIt Most Popular SimCity Title Ever

With over 40 million players, the dev's spokesperson says the title clearly "spoke to consumers"

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Digital_Anomaly1229d ago

The bottom line is that with mobile gaming these products reach an audience of casuals that PC and consoles can't even come close to. I don't think it has anything to do with SimCity BuildIt being that good (not that it isn't, I don't know as I've never played it) so much as that reach factor.

cartoonx11229d ago

i played tht game and seriously its a very good game and one of the few games with justified IAPs. not sure if it has changed now since havnt played for some time, but still it could be popular even if it was for pc i think

generalwinter1229d ago

This series needed a shot in the arm and if mobile is what did it then so be it.

Eldyraen1229d ago

I liked it for a while but just like every mobile game similar to it after a certain point it gets so grindy I deleted it.

It has nothing on a real Sim City game though and was mostly just a typical (if better done) mobile city builder that required better maintenance skills to grow..

kythlyn1229d ago

Surprising? No. Depressing? Yes.

lemoncake1229d ago

After the disaster of the last simcity game this is going to be only place we will ever see a simcity named game again, and it's nothing like simcity.

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