Fresh, Fun, Pure Nintendo – Splatoon Review [PixelGate]

Pixel Gate writes:

''Nintendo isn’t exactly known for creating all new properties. Often relying on their classic cast of characters, Nintendo like to experiment with new games and genres, but always front their games with the likes of Mario and Link. Splatoon marks a break through moment for Nintendo, and indeed the Wii U, as their first completely original release in some time.''

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NinjaRichParty1229d ago

Solid review as per usual PG!

PixelGateUk1229d ago

It need more squids and kids i feel

CaptainN1229d ago

Anyone who has doubts should deff give it a go. Its pure fun and a great change of pace from other shooters !

WizzroSupreme1229d ago

Alas, the only amiibos you can find are INSIDE a Nintendo game.

PixelGateUk1229d ago


they've not been to hard to get in the UK to be fair, i just don't open mine (i like the packaging...yeah i know)

WizzroSupreme1229d ago

"Fresh, Fun, Pure Nintendo" probably describes Splatoon perfectly. Couldn't be more fun of a summer game. If only it had some bloopers cameo...

GoPanthers9991229d ago

Amiibo challenges in this game are tough.