PS Nation Podcast-Ep427-PrE3

Stewart Gilray from Just Add Water joins Glenn and Josh
New Releases
‘I Am Bread’ coming to PS4
‘Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection’ revealed
‘Fallout 4’ is OFFICIAL
‘Rocket League’ launching in July
What we’re playing and watching
Break music from ‘God of War 2’
E3 2015 Predictions and Emails
Comedian is Steve Rannazzisi

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WizzroSupreme1226d ago

I still have a feeling that Sony's bound to have one of their weaker E3s in recent memory, what with a bunch of their exclusives delayed or with no clear release dates. Sony Santa Monica's bound to tease something God of War-ish big and Guerrilla Games has something up their sleeves with Horizon, but otherwise, it's Bethesda and Microsoft that have any chance of releasing big things worth the hype in the near-future.

Josuey1226d ago

Whats left to delay? A lot of sonys 2015 games have already been delayed. This E3 is about 2016, sony 2015 E3 will be amazing and likely better than microsofts since we already know almost the entire games lineup for xbox for 2015 and beyond. Meanwhile we barely know anything about what all of sony studios are working on and thats what makes this sony E3 conference more exiting, the fact that we just dont know what they will show. Microsoft will have very few surprises since we already know most of what they are working on.