MegaMagic: Wizards Of The Neon Age, Details And Teaser Trailer Revealed

There is finally have an answer to the prayers of all 80s and 90s kids, and Megamagic is that answer. Two millennia ago, a meteor stroke against the earth, changing the course of humanity. The survivors developed incredible magic powers and thus started... the neon age.

Meet Phoban and Deimon, two siblings that have inherited magic and powerful objects: a book and a staff. But they’re not alone in this story: Phoban is always with Fum, a little smoky creature that’s also his best friend. But aside being a smoky creature and Phoban’s best friend, Fum’s also the key ingredient for the most powerful spell ever created!

Yikes! A lot of people will want to get Fum to get all this power, and it’s your duty as friend to protect him!

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