Sony E3 2015 Preview: Horizon, Project Morpheus, Destiny and Much More

The PS4 styles and profiles into E3 2015 but can Sony sustain its momentum?

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WizzroSupreme1323d ago

Bet Horizon's an open-world God of War-ish game set in an alternate prehistoric time like the concept art indicated, and it's called "100,000 B.C."

never4get1323d ago

Horizon, Guerrilla Games’ third person, open world action Western RPG. Scalebound, Platinum Games’ action-adventure Japanese RPG. Bought PS4 for AAA JRPG. Sure Bloodborne great, but what makes PS2's JRPG so great, it was cheerful, entertaining and fun.

Sevir1323d ago

I thought Scalebound was an Action game. Since when dd it become an action RPG... Platinum isn't known for RPGs

MrSec841323d ago

Doesn't seem prehistoric from the artwork or from the information leaked so far.
Seems more like a post modern world, set in a future, where some calamity happened to knock humans back to tribal level civilization.

Hence why there's advanced tech, robotic dinosaurs and a merging of modern and old weapons.

I think it was even stated that the redhead female in the artwork is the protagonist and she's interested in exploring the ruins of old cities or towns and learning about what happened to the ancestors of humans of the time.

If Guerrilla Games can bring that artwork to life in a game it'll probably be one of the biggest games at E3.
The studio hired not only the writer and key design guy from Fallout: New Vegas, but also a bunch of people from CD Project Red.
It's been rumored this game is also comparable to The Witcher 3's world for size and scale.

It's also been in development since 2010, so it will no doubt be unveiled with proper PS4 gameplay too.

Rookie_Monster1323d ago

Horizon is my most anticipated game from Sony. Looking forward to it.

_-EDMIX-_1323d ago

I don't see them teasing a sequel to The Order as it just came out not too long ago, maybe next year. I mean...have they ever teased a sequel to a game that just released 6 months if not less prior?

I think we'll see some new IPs as its likely Sony wants to re-cycle its ips (ie creating a new cycle of new ips to make sequels for) The Order just being one of em, I see Sucker Punch showing their new game, I see Guerrilla Games showing their new IP, I see Quantic Dreams showing their new ip too (hopefully) and I also see many indie studios showing their work that is coming to PS4 from PC. I see CCP being there to show their EVE flight VR game for PS4 for Morpheus.

I see the following coming to PS4 and XONE
Pillars of Eternity (as they won't be transparent on a console version and I wouldn't put it past them)
Torment: Tides of Numenera (as this team is bringing Wasteland 2 to console, so this game is very likely to come as well) Though its a stretch that well hear that at E3.

Salt (yes....its the name of a game)
Solarix as they were in talks with Sony to bring the game over but no word yet (last I recall)

Project Zomboid
Death in Candlewood http://www.deathincandlewoo...

Great concept...but can they execute?

lastly We Happy Few, can't wait to see how it looks on PS4 as I'm pretty sure they didn't confirm what i would look like on any platforms other then PC just yet.

But lots of what I listed could also show up at other events this year as I'm sure Sony and MS want to space out their shows and announcements, so I wouldn't be surprised if E3 didn't have all their announcements.

DarkResistance1323d ago

I hope we see some of horizon or whatever guerrilla games game going to be called. The screenshots looked pretty cool. Would be cool if we at least got a trailer and some information about it.