Mega-Man Legacy Collection Dev: Quick and Easy Re-Releases Devalue the Heritage of Games

Digital Eclipse speaks on quick rehashes and preserving the history of gaming. Currently at work on the Mega-Man Legacy Collection they are intent on not only giving players a chance to experience classic gameplay but adding in a healthy dose of history to showcase the game's roots.

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Hoffmann1228d ago

The mean thing is that Capcom will again say that its the consumers fault that they did not show enough interest in the franchise.

Just like they did with the Darkstalkers series when Darkstalkers Resurrection did not sold millions of copies.

A well done effort on their side would have been MegaMan 1-10 + Powered Up.

CorndogBurglar1228d ago

I will buy this in a heartbeat. Mega Mannis one of my favorite franchises to this day and the originals were a big part of my childhood. Can't wait.

generalwinter1228d ago

I agree the rereleases are out of control, and not good in the long run.

ThatArtGuy1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

For me, the main part of this release are the special features; especially the production artwork and other behind the scenes material.

He absolutely has a point about the preservation aspect in regards to the Criterion Collection, etc. No other art medium has the preservation problems that games do. You want to watch Citizen Kane? No problem! Here's a remastered Blu-ray transferred from the original negative! Want to listen to Van Halen's debut album? Here's a fresh 180 gram vinyl repressing of the record! You want to play the original version of Tricky Kick? Go out and buy a Turbografx 16 and the original game, and find a TV that still supports its output.

Lukejrl1228d ago

Not that I emulate games I can buy and actually pay the developers but I emulate any game that you have to buy used. No actual money goes to the developer when you buy it from eBay.

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