Celebrating 20 Years of Remedy

New gameplay demo of Quantum Break at Gamescom after skipping E3.

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jay21230d ago

Oh man, my xbox ones getting dusty! need the games this year really. looks like halo 5 and if its a long wait rise of tombe raider only this year for me

DarkOcelet1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I dont have an Xone but they have some great games this year.

Forza 6 sounds incredible with tons of contents it seems.

Rise Of the tomb Raider will be epic, thats for sure.

Halo 5... Its Halo, nuff said.

Fable Legends looks good too and its free to play so thats great.

Also Ori and the blind forest was excellent (Played it on PC) so its a great addition too and should not be missed.

And there is the 3rd party games so there is more than enough for you to play.

LexHazard791230d ago

You're drying up like a slug when you pour salt on it...

OpieWinston1230d ago

I feel like more studios should follow Remedys model of holding off showing demos until you've got it ready to be shown.

Rather than touching up the demo they can focus on the main game. Especially with all the people who cry downgrade.

Septic1230d ago

Well tbh, when they first showed off QB in cinematic form, we were told that it was all in-engine and that bit looked more impressive than the gameplay segment. Early days I know but it looked downgraded to me.

CYCLEGAMER1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Ummm when did they say that? I was always under the impression that, the demo's they were showing were all CG. The only gameplay we saw was the 16-20 min demo.

Why would anyone be calling "downgrade" when we only got one gameplay video?

Septic1230d ago

Just in terms of the general aesthetic. They did say it was running in engine and it looked damn fine. The actual gameplay and character models look a bit weaker. Early days though. Im not saying that it is proof of a downgrade btw.

3-4-51230d ago

* Yea or like Falcom where they waited until they were finished with Sen to announce it.

I want the minimal time from announcement/reveal to me actually playing the game.

DarkOcelet1230d ago

My favorite Remedy game is Alan Wake. One of the best games i have played last gen.

We need a sequel for it.

hello121230d ago

Haha that video was great loved the Max Payne impersonation.

Skipping E3 they did that last year as well.

ksnm01230d ago

It seems like so many new games are being revealed.
I think it's a good thing.

spicelicka1230d ago

Holy shit! I just realized the original Max Payne character was modeled after Sam Lake!

christian hour1230d ago

Yup, they used a photo of his face for the original model :) He even shows up in Alan Wake on a tv show and they ask him to do it XD

I'm surprised so many people do not know about this, I thought it was common knowledge at this point.

christian hour1230d ago

"impersonation"? Not an impersonation at all, he IS the original max payne, thats his face on the model ;) Awesome that he thought us how to do it :D Love that bit in alan wake where he's been interviewed on a tv show and sam lake is one of the other guests and they ask him to "do the face".

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The story is too old to be commented.