XCOM 2 Could Come to PS4 and Xbox One

For right now it's been confirmed that XCOM 2 is only scheduled to arrive on PC as an exclusive. However, it might be a timed exclusive because the developers haven't completely ruled out a release on Microsoft and Sony's eighth-gen consoles.

According to an interview with IGN, creative director Jack Solomon mentioned to IGN that the team at Firaxis Games aren't opposed to porting XCOM 2 to home consoles but at the moment they're just focused on the PC. Why? Because they can't afford to be stretched thin working on a multiplatform game and trying to scale the assets and features from PC to PS4 to Xbox One. Firaxis is a small team and they want to work on doing the best they can with the capabilities and power of a PC.

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joab7771231d ago

It will definitely come at some point. For now, it's being built for and marketed towards PC gamers.

Elit3Nick1231d ago

I do hope so, although it's good that they're focusing on one platform first, so that the game will be at its best.

aquaticDonut1231d ago

At the moment, I'm glad to hear they're so focused on one platform to start with.

NovusTerminus1231d ago

I don't see a reason why it can't.

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The story is too old to be commented.