Batman: Arkham Knight ‘Red Hood’ trailer

Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios have released a new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight showcasing the game’s GameStop-exclusive “Red Hood Story Pack” downloadable content, allowing consumers to play as the “ruthless vigilante” Red Hood.

Batman: Arkham Knight is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 23.

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xHeavYx1226d ago

At first I thought "Oh, guns, he probably won't use them, LAME", but damn was I surprised.

raggy-rocket1226d ago

Retailers really need to stop doing these exclusives.

In fact, I don't mind it, but multiple exclusives at multiple retailers is unfair, as you're cutting out the loyal fans who pre-order, only to sell them the content they didn't get, despite pre-ordering, at a price later on.

Magicite1226d ago

bloodborne, witcher, batman, metal gear, mad max, just cause, tomb STOP, please, I cant take so much goodness in one year :D

SonyOnly41226d ago

Oh look they made a trailer to show case just one of the many parts of the story they cut from the game if you don't preorder......

MilkMan1226d ago

I see you only have 1 bubble.So I'm bubbling you up!
You speak wisdom. More thank likely a map or two with a re-skinned Batman.

rdgneoz31226d ago

"if you don't preorder"

From a specific retailer...

AceBlazer131226d ago

get where your coming from but this honestly seems like something that would be considered extra.

rocky0475861226d ago

I like how you say this with such conviction. Even though Red Hood's little "story pack" won't have anything to do with the main story. None of the story packs do that are DLC. It's funny that people whine about "But DLC is supposed to be for extra stuff not stuff that is already on the disc or that could've been included in the story from the start!".

Here WB is giving us an EXTRA story that's not included in the main story, and it's still not good enough? You won't be missing out on ANY of the original story if you don't play this, this is EXTRA, not even supplemental to the actual story, just a literal extra thing to get people to preorder at Gamestop. This is so silly to complain over.

BattleAxe1226d ago

The game hasn't even released yet....

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ZaWarudo1226d ago

GOTY edition here i come!

aquaticDonut1226d ago

They better offer this to people who don't pre-order from gamestop at some point.

gangsta_red1226d ago

So if this is Jason Todd does this mean he's not the Arkham Knight?

I'm betting it's Hush.

aquaticDonut1226d ago

I don't really get why people keep thinking he's someone we know. Rocksteady has been pretty specific about saying hes a completely original character.

gangsta_red1226d ago

I don't know...these guys love to say that and then it turns out to be The Joker or something.

The actual character may be original but the person behind the mask may be an established character.

Either way...I am looking forward to playing this game and finding out.

Mr_GoolyPunch1226d ago

He's an original "character" but we don't know who maybe plays that character. Red Hood is a character of Jason Todd.

I'm sure there'll be a surprise in store... Maybe it's Commissioner Gordon's nephew Colin Gordon.

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The story is too old to be commented.