Majora’s Mask is Profoundly Bizarre

CGM Writes: Nintendo isn’t a developer (or publisher) known for experimentation. Despite the incredible talent its studios possess, it’s incredibly rare for these teams to be put to work on games that serve as a serious departure from what’s been done in the past. This is frustrating not just because videogames are a medium dominated by far too many sequels, but also because, as with last week’s release of multiplayer competitive game Splatoon, when Nintendo focuses its resources on creating new types of games it usually shows itself more than capable of doing so. The developer/publisher is exceptionally good at designing new characters and coming up with unique takes on existing design conventions.

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Rebel_Scum1317d ago

Good article but I couldn't disagree more with the opening paragraph about Nintendo's lack of experimentation. Majora's Mask is a great game and easily the best of the 3d Zelda's imo.

Xof1317d ago

If you actually pay attention to things, you'll find that Nintendo is one of the more experimental developers out there. Yes, they're also highly iterative. But the two approaches are not mutually exclusive.

While other developers focus on pumping out more and more first-person shooters or character action games, Nintendo has been inventing and popularizing entirely new genres fairly consistently. That they also pump out lazy rehashes of SNES games and so on does not invalidate this.