Where next for Mario Kart 8?

Following the recent release of Nintendo's splendid DLC for Mario Kart 8, Nintendo Feed's Darren Kerwin explores where Nintendo should head next with the game.

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meganick1232d ago

Proper battle tracks, maybe challenges similar to the ones on the DS version, and the ability to adjust music and sound effects volume would be nice.

BigDuo1232d ago

Yep, better online battle mode tracks is all this game really needs left, but it's not likely going to happen. Besides, the dev team has spent a year working on DLC for this game, it's time to move on to a new project.

meganick1232d ago

Actually, Nintendo has stated they'll release more dlc and updates for this game.

N4g_null1232d ago

Excite truck cross over and wave race.... along with battle tracks

Moonman1232d ago

I'll take anything those brilliant minds at Nintendo are coming up with! Superb! :)

leemass241232d ago

id like to see pack 3 n 4 however with a slight difference one pack has the 8 tracks 3 characters with some new vehicles and pack 4 has 8 battle arenas with new characters n vehicles. probably won't happen but would be cool if they did.

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