The Annoyance of NPC Walking Speed – RagnarRox

RagnarRox is back with a new video on how dumb keeping pace with NPC walking speeds is. What sounds like a minor problem is actually a huge factor in immersion break when playing first and third person action games.

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rdgneoz31232d ago

Play Witcher 3, most NPCs will sprint if you're sprinting. Same thing with on horse back. They'll walk, trot, or gallop with you as long as you head towards the objective.

lemoncake1232d ago

I liked that on the witcher, small thing but huge impact.

ChouDa1232d ago

Matching walking speed is a HUGE pain point for me if games don't get it right. I was happy that Guild Wars 2 had a walking speed that matched the NPCs if you were doing escort quests or the like. But when other games force you to run, stop, run, stop, run, stop... ugh..

shocked6861232d ago

It's the worst when the NPCs move faster than your walk but slower than your run...

1232d ago
Perjoss1232d ago

Nightmare flashbacks of escorting survivors in the original Dead Rising game


UnHoly_One1232d ago

Someo of the recent Assassins Creed games had missions where you walked with somebody until you reached a certain location, and if you didn't actually stop and wait, your would reach the starting point and miss the end of the conversation.

That was terribly piss-poor design, in my opinion. Make the guy take the scenic route if you have to, but don't cut me off from hearing the dialog just for slowly following the guy like I'm supposed to be doing.