UGO E3: Civilization IV: Colonization Impressions

UGO writes :"Firaxis sure has been busy these past couple years. Civilization IV and its two expansions added so many new features to the long-running series that it played like a completely new game. The recently released Civilization Revolution went on to streamline the dense nation-building game into a console-consumable form. And now we've got Civilization IV: Colonization coming, a completely standalone expansion which brings the developer's mid-90s game Colonozation into the modern age, figuratively speaking of course.

The game is actually set during the period of rampant imperialism, when European nations ventured out to discover themselves a New World. The maps are randomly generated – unless you choose to load up a pre-designed one, that is – but the colonizers are all specific to the period: English, French, Spanish and Dutch. Much like the civilization and leader benefits in Civ IV, the choice of nationality comes with specific benefits, such as increased Cross production for the English (which help attract immigrants) or a military bonus against native peoples for the Spanish."

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