What Nintendo's Rift with the Hardcore Means for the Industry

Have Nintendo fans had the last straw with their company? If so, what does it mean for the industry?

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Product3766d ago

the people who commented in the original article make better sense then this guys writing.
First off we already have a Zelda,Mario,Metroid,Smash,and Mario Kart in the first year and a half.

Not bad to me.Plus third parties are starting to really come through with their titles including Conduit,Mad World,No More Heroes,some Resident Evils,and thats not including studios actually putting worth some effort with multiplatform games such as Call of Duty:WAW,Tiger Woods Golf with 1:1,Facebreaker,etc.

So far im happy its just that i dont know what to expect till Christmas and thats what im worried about.

This article is thinking way into the "what if" scenarios if you ask me.

Main_Street_Saint3766d ago

You know the Wii seems to be the subject of these "It's cool" or "It's worthless" type of Articles. I will agree that the wii has a long off from being great but it's pretty good.