Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Proves that He’s Really Great at Bloodborne on PS4; Watch Him in Action

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida is a skilled gamer, but just how skilled is he? Turns out he's very, very good at Bloodborne.

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garos821232d ago

Shu is a legend and a fine great president of worldwide studios

never4get1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Shuhei Yoshida so busy producing holiday 2015 AAA Exclusive PS4 games and he still have time to play Bloodborne!

uth111232d ago

now we know why the line up's 'sparse' ;)

I kid, I kid!

bouzebbal1232d ago

here is how i beat the watchdog
not bad playing Shu, not bad!

Magicite1232d ago

he seems like really cool dude.

SaveFerris1232d ago

I wonder how many other execs within Sony, Nintendo and MS regularly play and beat games?

Abriael1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

I'm sure there are quite a few. But Shu really surprised me with how good he is. The dodging he does here is the real thing.

For comparison, the blood echoes puddle you see in the video is the game's producer. He got killed in about 10 seconds (that's why he looks a little dismayed at the beginning of the video lol).

Toon_Link1232d ago

This boss is insanely difficult! (especially in defiled chalice with half health) I'm very impressed he jumped in and started kicking butt like that. The watchdog of the old lords was by far the most difficult and rewarding boss fight in bloodborne for me. After the watchdog earning the platinum trophy was a piece of cake.

-Foxtrot1232d ago

I could see people in Sony and Nintendo doing it but Microsoft....not a lot.

Volkama1232d ago

Yeah the kinds of people that apply to work for the Xbox division are mostly interested in watching American sports, and finding ways to get data to the NSA. You can tell by the shoes they wear.

uth111232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

MS is too terminally uncool to run a video game business, always has been. Very stuffy and corporate. It amazes me they ever got a foothold with the xbox in the first place. The power of deep pockets I guess.

AnotherProGamer1232d ago

Phil Spencer is only Microsoft guy I can think of that genuinely likes games

Phar0ahad31232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

I dont think phil spencer and his fellow corrupt businessmen would pee on a gamer if he was on fire........

kraenk121232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Spencer at least pretends to like games games. I don't really trust this guy's face though.

gangsta_red1232d ago

Shu plays video games and posts it and no one believes this is a Sony PR stunt?

Amazing how you guys view different companies you favor.

Killzoner991231d ago

Micro$oft does not care about gaming they care about money. They have no interest in pushing the medium , they just want to line their pockets. Micro$oft has never been about gaming or gamers. They're just a bunch of corporate scumbags.

Ezz20131231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

aaand once again you are in Sony article trying your best to find any thing bad to say
if that was Pill
you would praise him and the all mighty Microsoft

Stick to Xbox articles or just buy a ps4

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Insomnia_841232d ago

Adam Boyes plays Destiny every single night!

Khajiit861231d ago

Feel bad for him. After work he has to work.

ziggurcat1231d ago


"I wonder how many other execs within Sony, Nintendo and MS regularly play and beat games?"

phil spencer definitely does. and reggie absolutely does.

i know adam boyes 100% does, and aaron greenberg does, too.

SaveFerris1231d ago

Cool. I'd love to see a tournament with the company execs competing against each other, but not sure what game they should play.

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DYEG1232d ago

He did it in one live try.

I vote him for President of the World.

garos821232d ago

lol would love to see him on a voting ballot :P

Abriael1232d ago

He already is. Kinda :D

WeAreLegion1232d ago

At the very least, I'm sure he'll be in the race for Republican primaries. Everyone else is.

JWiLL5521232d ago

I realized at like 3 minutes in when he did some health regen that those were the first 2 he had used (the limit is 20 I believe?).

I still really need to play Bloodborne.

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Septic1232d ago

Haha what a legend.

Man I need to do t he Chalice Dungeons

user74029311232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

would like to drink a beer and have a bbq wit him, then get secret playstation news when he is drunk

@gilgamesh, im sexy so i must be gay...perfect logic there.

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