Harmonix recommends exporting songs as soon as possible in time for Rock Band 4

Those with large Rock Band song collections, rejoice - sequel Rock Band 4 will allow you to import your entire library of songs to PS4 and Xbox One.

Every track that players own and currently download in previous games in the series - including exported songs - will be available in the new game without any additional fees, meaning the franchise's library of over 2,000 tracks will be playable.

When it comes to exporting tracks from disc-based games - such as the first two Rock Band games, as well as spin-offs Green Day Rock Band and LEGO Rock Band - product manager Daniel Sussman advised to do it sooner rather than later since the licences to do so are beginning to expire.

For example, the ability to export tracks from Green Day Rock Band expired back in April.

"For a lot of licences that we hold, there's a length associated with the agreement, and when that expires, it's over," Sussman told Digital Spy.

"The thing that I would say is, if you have not exported them yet, you should export them as soon as you can. It's the export piece that has a licence term attached to it that we can't hold over forever."

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