Kombo E3 2008: Rise of the Argonauts Hands-On

Kombo's Candice Shane writes:

"Playing as Jason, you start off the story with the horrific death of your wife, Alcmene and the journey towards avenging your loved one's death. Locking her body up in the temple, Jason sets off to find a magical symbol that can bring Alcmene backfrom her demise. Setting off on the Argo, you recruit the Argonauts (Which is a legendary list of characters such as Hercules, Pan, Atalanta and Achilles.) and tear through the mythos to bring love back to Jason's life. Aw, how sweet. It's like if you combined "Troy" with a Justin Timberlake love ballad.

Codemasters went and took some of our favorite mythologies, intermingled some big-chested brutes and trophy rooms and gave us, well, I know I'm going to be torn apart for saying it (Sorry, Cory!), what "God of War" SHOULD have been.

I'm so about to lose my job."

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This article is rubbish.' Oh, no wonder, Its coming from the