Leaked Fable Legends footage shows off Fencer class

What appears to be a leaked video clip of Fable Legend's current closed beta has surfaced, showing off five minutes of gameplay as the fencer class.

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Mikefizzled1228d ago

Weird. I'm part of the beta and my screen is watermarked with my Gamertag whereas this isn't.

green1228d ago

I am also part of the beta so i am wondering the samething.

shloobmm31228d ago

Yeah I hate that. It says it all over the screen.

Mikefizzled1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Its industry standard. It just means whoever leaked it is easily identifiable; Hating it suggests that you haven't tested many games under NDA.

shloobmm31228d ago

Actually i have done 100's in my 30 plus years of gaming. Doesn't make it any better.

john171228d ago

Last weekend there was a watermark. This weekend it was like this footage.

And in the opening screen wrote "Preview week"

Maybe they opening the beta for the E3 week?

LostDjinn1228d ago

It just means the leaker isn't part of the beta.
Chances are this was deliberately leaked as a marketing tool. It provides extra attention without competition from other titles.

Still, it looks rough. It's in beta though and there's no telling what build this footage is from. So here's hoping they can fix the problems shown in the video before release or in a patch.

XB1_PS41228d ago

I would agree with you. except the person in the video is clearly terrible at the game, and equally as bad at showing it off. If it was intentionally leaked, I feel like it would show more objectives. At least something more than running in a circle then slicing a couple people.

tmh35931228d ago

Wrong, this weekend's beta doesn't have the watermark because while I was playing I was wondering why they took it off.

dcbronco1228d ago

Lost I believe you're right. If this isn't an intentional marketing leak, the watermark was removed knowing someone would immediately leak it for them. Which is still just a marketing tool. Marketing now is intended to not seem like marketing. Let things go viral on their own. And so far the general public still doesn't get it. It's like when they put actors on the street and have them hold a conversation about something just to peak others curiosity. It's actually very smart and cost effective.

bunt-custardly1228d ago

The video has been removed due to a Microsoft's copyright claim.

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illtownNJONE1228d ago

If you've played the latest build you'll see that it has changed from gamertag all over the screen to what is being shown in the vid

1228d ago
TheOnlyMastrx1228d ago

I played in beta two weekends ago and the screen was watermarked with my GT, but I played this past weekend and it only had a watermark at the bottom saying "June Pre-Release Footage" or something like that.

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Sonyslave31228d ago

Man these graphics are amazing

Mikefizzled1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

There's a reason Lionhead is working with Epic on Unreal 4. They seem to be a very talented bunch down in Guildford.

freshslicepizza1228d ago

looks good but nothing spectacular. i'm hoping the screen tearing is gone, that's one thing i hate more than bad frame rates.

the enemy a.i. seems pretty basic though but i'd have to play it myself t know for sure.

AndyMoore1228d ago

Thought exactly the same. I can't say I've been paying much attention to Fable Legends since it was announced, but man what a gorgeous looking thing they've got here.

Jyndal1228d ago

Looks like ultra high detail claymation. I wasn't paying much attention to this before, but this is very impressive.

robtion1228d ago

Yeah looks really cool, very stylish art design.

Is there a single player mode or campaign or is this multi only? Anyone know?

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Eterna1Ice1228d ago

I like the way the environment looks... kinda alive and detailed.

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