Revisiting EarthBound: Quirky role-playing adventure turns 20 years old

It wasn't until years later that gamers in the West realised they had allowed a timeless classic to pass them by - and 20 years on from EarthBound's North American debut, we're revisiting this unique adventure.

Role-playing adventures of the 1990s were typically sword and sorcery affairs that whisked players off to fantastic worlds, but EarthBound embraced the mundanity of suburban America.

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DryBoneKoopa851230d ago

I would cry if a new Earthbound tittle was announced at E3. I highly doubt Nintendo will because for some reason Nintendo doesn't think we would want another sequel to this amazing game.

Although, Nintendo did make a sequel to Kid Icarus so I do hold out a glimmer of hope that one day we will see a future installment.