Spiral House talk game development & their latest PS4, X1 & PC title Troll And I

UK based developers Spiral House discuss their history in game development and their latest PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC adventure title Troll And I.

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Audiggity1280d ago

I did not click the link. I don't have a meaningful opinion. But, that image looks like Golem and ET had a baby.

That is all.

DarkOcelet1280d ago

Long Story short...

They worked on LPB and a couple of games

They love RPG so very much

It will be an episodical game with five episodes and it will have stealth elements.

You are welcome.

Audiggity1280d ago

Thanks! Only commenting on the troll image... I'll keep my eye out on the game development however.

sypher1280d ago

lol :D

Yeh I can see the Golem / ET resemblance ;)