Sony Japan Releases New God Of War 3 Remastered Visuals; PS4 Theme In Action, Gameplay & Photo Mode

Sony Japan has released some new visuals for the upcoming God of War 3 Remaster on the PS4. The visuals include shots of the exclusive PS4 theme in action, the photo mode and more.

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Skate-AK3098d ago

That's a sweet theme. I wish they would let us just buy it. Sadly it is only a pre order bonus right now.

Agent_hitman3098d ago

What a waste of money imo, they could have just include the Ascension and the previous games on one package so that they can justify it's $40 price.

wegetsignalx3097d ago

Updating the visuals, textures, models, and adding a photo mode is a waste of money? Most people interested in the game would disagree.

ChrisW3098d ago

Do these publishing companies not do the math?!?

Oh wait... DERP!!! They do!

It's super easy to up the visuals and re-release a game. So, even if they only make an additional 10% of the sales that the original release made they're still seriously profiting.

The 10th Rider3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

If only people that buy all these remasters could do the math and realize that paying more for a console that was backwards compatible would of saved them money in the long run...

I don't think we'll see backwards compatible consoles anymore just because consoles that aren't are cheaper to produce and remasters are becoming such a staple of publishers' releases.

DialgaMarine3098d ago

True, but backwards compatibility would not give old games new features, up their resolution/ framerate, or give a new set of trophies to unlock.

KakashiHotake3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

This is the reasons why I haven't picked up a PS4 yet. These companies are seriously getting over on people. It's sad when the best games to come out in the past two years on consoles are all remasters. There are games that could use a remaster treatment but they're not doing it for that reason, they're just trying to milk franchises that were already successful. God of War 3 is still one of the best looking games on PS3 and honestly still looks better than some games on PS4. I get upset when I see something like this remastered because what I really want is a new God of War not to replay the same damn game. Oh but they have the excuse that they're doing it for people who didn't get a chance to play it, that's some BS. I wouldn't be surprised if you see BloodBorne remastered before the end of the generation. They'll say something crazy like we felt we could improve on the lighting.

oasdada3098d ago

What does that have to do with remasters? There are butt load of games coming this year both 1st and 3rd party.. let the remasters come. Just dont buy em

KakashiHotake3094d ago

It has everything to do with remasters and your comment only adds to the problem. I know that the games are coming but still these companies are just milking the cow at this point.

wegetsignalx3097d ago

Not true at all. There are many new games in the top 50 PS4 on Metacritic.



Video Chums Top 10 Remasters on PlayStation Plus

"There are new PlayStation Plus tiers and I've been enjoying many remasters after subscribing to Premium so here are my 10 favourites." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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PlayStation Store Games Under $15 Sale: Over 400 Games Under $15

Daily Video Game writes: "PlayStation Store has just launched another new digital game sale that has over 400 games under $15, including many AAA games titled "Games Under $15 Sale" for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 gamers right now!"

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anast540d ago (Edited 540d ago )

Dragon's Dogma and XCOM 2 are the best deals. The rest of the games are still overpriced. I would say 8.99 is good for AC: Origins, but you need to put $10 more into MTs to avoid the grind that slows down the story. So, the game is actually 18.99.

It's not on this list, but Pathfinder: Kingmaker is only $9.99. This is a deal if you have a current gen. consoles, as it runs poorly on prev. gen.

hangdang540d ago

I beat AC origins without grinding or spending any money on MTX?

anast540d ago

I had to grind for side missions. So, did many other people.

HeliosHex540d ago

Has anyone been able to login in to the ps store on ps5 I haven't been able to in days and my network is good.

RedDevils539d ago

Reset or shutdown your PS5. I always can go login to PS5, in fact just a moment ago.

HeliosHex539d ago

Hey thanks again. Although the shutdown/reset didn't work i found that resetting the mdm and hub did the trick. I use a Lan network instead of wifi. In case anyone has a similar setup and problem.

RedDevils538d ago

I forgot to mention about the router reset, that usually do the trick when it come to network problems happen with iphone/android. btw np


God of War Will Run up to 60FPS With Performance Mode on PS5

Santa Monica have confirmed that God of War (PS4) will run up to 60FPS on PS5 with the performance mode selected. Additionally save transfer for both God of War (PS4) and God of War 3 Remastered will be supported.

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NeoGamer2321130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

For sure this is awesome. God of War is my favorite Sony franchise! Played every God of War game to date including the remasters and on PSP! Can;t wait for the new game in 2021!

potatoseal1130d ago

God Of War: Ragnarok - 2021

It's enough to make you shed a tear

bouzebbal1130d ago

I'm proud for platinuming every single one of them..
60fps is worth a try.. Can't wait

SickSinceSix1130d ago

Even God of War: Betrayal?

NeoGamer2321130d ago

OK, not God of War Betrayal. lol.

I am not that great at the genre so I have not platinumed any of the games, but I enjoy them nonetheless. I remember chains of olympus as the first game when i purchased a PSP on a 9.5 hour flight to Italy from North America. I still think that PSP was the best portable gaming device I have ever owned.

Army_of_Darkness1130d ago

That's not really impressive considering how the pro can sometimes hit 60fps on performance mode... I want to see 4k mode at 60fps. The ps5 should be more than capable of that.

NealGamby1129d ago

I’ve never played GOW. Maybe I should try it out.

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GamerRN1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

I want 60fps in Resolution mode though! That's what I'm holding out for. I want 4k 60 with the graphics cranked up!

I've been waiting to go back and finish this game... I just got past the part where you see the frozen giant and do all that stuff... I want to finish the story!