More Shots of the Rumored PSP 3000

Michael McWhertor of Kotaku says,

"Additional 'spy' photos of the alleged PSP-3000 hardware update that we posted last night have come to our attention, again courtesy of the PSPChina.net message board. These shots show off what appears to be a working prototype of the PlayStation Portable, said to have built-in microphone support, among other alleged new functionality.

Hit the jump for exciting photos of the new thinner PSP ring, another look at the PS button and one more cosmetic change. While you do say, chant 'This is a rumor, this is a rumor.'"

LoVeRSaMa5608d ago

Sounds about right, but if this is true, I will be gettingone.

Ive been contemplating the Slim for some time now, this would be the Push for me =]

DA_SHREDDER5608d ago

The only way I would buy a newer one is if it had a second analog stick.

proArchy5608d ago

I love this rumor. Fingers crossed for a 2nd nub everyone!

cereal_killa5608d ago

I'm calling shenanigans on this the only thing they show is a thinner ring on the psp (wooohooo) a little Playstation symbol on the home button and in bedded in the psp is the earphone jack symbol where do i go to stand in line for this one there only 1 thing psp fans want is the second analog nub

Fadixon5608d ago

i hope it comes with a harddrive that would be a first day purchase for me

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Does PS Vita Mark the End of Portable Game Consoles?

PS Vita debuted in Japan to 320K unit sales over the first two days of sales. Despite the impressive 5 inch display and a huge roster of launch games, this fell 50K units short of what Nintendo’s 3DS sold during its debut. Are we entering the end game for the mobile game console industry? Are the dirt cheap smartphone and tablet games in the process of toppling the entire proud industry based on selling $200 consoles and $40 games? Yeah, pretty much.

NovusTerminus4362d ago

If Tablets and Smartphones take over handhelds then I am out.

I cannot standing gaming on those things. Trying playing a game like Shinobido or BlazBlue on a smart phone.

Bull5hifT4362d ago

writing this on my vita, sorta wanna change this purplish keyboard thing, id like to add some friends to see how video chat works on this, i got over the whole screen being to Hug le to reach across, it sorta comfortable with those indentions on back, so far this was worth the $600 to me, everything is so smooth

NellyNel_7_1_34362d ago

That why Nintendo and Sony need to team up and destroy this market you call Tablets/Smartphones... I was born with a controller in my hands, and these hands will die with a controller playing the greatest games from Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony...

Army_of_Darkness4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

sure games like angry birds, tetris or plants vs. zombie will sell well since it's made for the causal players and requires a much lower budget, which makes it much more affordable for any income.
So if developers try to make a big budget game game that sells at say, $30 I highly doubt that they will sell much at all... not against $1-$5 games anyway.

The vita probably didn't sell as much is because people these days don't have the extra cash for luxury items anymore, only necessities, unless you make big bucks... lucky bastards.

NewMonday4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

how is the browser?
dose it support flash?
is their a youtube app?
did you get 3G? if yes, is it worth it?
vid chat using Skype?

klecser4362d ago

@newmonday: A gamer doesn't need any of the things you mentioned. We want to play good DEEP games, not superficial games and be able to browse the web. We want our device to be the master of one thing, not a jack of all, like a smart phone.

Oner4361d ago

Speak for yourself because I want it all. And with a Sony product (over its competitors) it is the best option out there. You know you will get the games AND get the functionality that neither of the other 2 even attempt to offer you.

I can't wait to get my hands on a PSV 3G for what it will be able to do from the start and with firmware updates/upgrades over time!

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Hufandpuf4362d ago

Ipad games are progressively getting better. I have an Ipad, and though I am not a "Hardcore" gamer on it, it does have spme pretty well made games. Check out Modern Combat 3 for Ipad, It's basically MW3 for mobile. The online play isn't that bad either.

I know it's a REAL pain using touch controls also, but I do hope someone at apple uses their small brain to collectively find a way to get a controller to hook on the Ipad.

mttrackmaster384362d ago

I don't think Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft would ever develop for an ipad or android device though. This is my problem. Without a 3ds or vita, how am I supposed to get my Mario/Uncharted fix on the go?

Pikajew4362d ago

The iPad supports blue tooth. So it's possible to hook up the Wii remote but you can't play games with it

GribbleGrunger4362d ago

you know, these sites can live on wishful thinking all they want, i really believe that the consumer will make them look stupid in the end. the Vita is far too compelling to be stopped by a few bitter individuals who try to pass themselves off as journalists.

moparful994362d ago

I love how 320k units in two days spells DOOM AND GLOOM for the industry.. Sensationalism at its worst.. Wait till february, we'll see how DOOOMED sony is.. Stupid article is stupid, smh...

soljah4362d ago

what the heck is up with all these Sony vita doom and gloom articles. didn't the same kind of crap journalism happen with ps3 launch. and now look, the best library of games on any system is on ps3

Jobesy4362d ago

@moparful99, remember when the PS3 debuted? It's sales were less than stellar and that supposedly marked the end of the console era. Look at it now.

I wasn't planning on getting a Vita, but after seeing how awesome it is I've been putting money away each week for one. I really can't wait.

farhad2k84362d ago

This article is PATHETIC, how can you judge the future of portable gaming in 2 days of VITAS sales.
And we're only talking about Japan here.

I'm pretty sure the VITA will succeed. It has the potential, iPhone is for casual gamers, VITA is for hardcore gamers.

NegativeCreep4274362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

compared to the most recent Nintendo portable. Nintendo has pretty much dominated the portable handheld market for about 20 years. Falling just 50k short of Nintendo in that market (Japan), in that industry (portable console gaming) in a launch window of just TWO DAYS, really isn't much. I'd definitely say this is grasping.

Also not to mention the reported shortages, which no doubt had an effect on debut sales numbers. But yeah, whatever. Deh Vita Is Doomed! Just like Deh PS3.

dedicatedtogamers4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

Vita marks the continued health of handheld gaming. Media outlets have been absolutely clueless about the whole thing, repeating the same old, tired "mobile gaming is going to destroy handheld gaming" nonsense like they're paid to do it, despite the fact that the DS/PSP generation have not only been the highest-selling handheld generation of all time, but THE HIGHEST-SELLING GAMING PLATFORM GENERATION OF ALL TIME.


Read that again: the DS and PSP - together - form the highest-selling gaming platform generation of all time. Pound-for-pound, there isn't a single gaming generation that has sold as many videogame platforms as the DS/PSP generation. 150+ million DS systems sold and still selling. 70+ million PSPs sold and still selling.

How in the WORLD can that mean that handheld gaming is dying? The Vita has a great launch lineup so far. Even the 3DS - a system I hate because Nintendo is being so bone-headed about it - is also doing incredibly well.

And while people love to flaunt the sales of a handful of iPhone games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, the reality is that other than these few games, gaming on smartphones is utter, utter shite.

I'm buying a Vita. Two, actually (one for me, one for my wife). I'm buying a 3DS after the eventual hardware revision. I'm buying another PSP and possibly another DS.

Handheld gaming is dead? Right...