Rumor Killers: Final Fantasy, BioShock 2, and Alan Wake

"Oh Alan Wake, where art thou? For too long now, there has been little-to-no new information in regarding this action-adventure thriller game from Remedy Studios. E3 has come and gone and one of the big games missing in action was Alan Wake. It wasn't shown or mentioned in Microsoft's press conference, and there was no sign of it on the show floor or behind closed doors. Now, many sites are running stories stating that Alan Wake could actually be dead in development because of the lack of info on this Xbox 360 exclusive. We can tell you now that Alan Wake is still in development and will be shown only when it's ready."

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predator3793d ago

I have a feeling that Bioshock 2 will be exlcusive for a timed period for the 360 and PC, MS probs signed that up but Alan Wake is what i really want to know about, hopefully Leizpg or X08 we will see some new info

NO_PUDding3793d ago

They will ahve to pay for it again. That's all it's down to.

Bioshcok held contractual bindings on money being forked over. So unless they do the marketing for Bioshock 2, then it will be multiplatform.

predator3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

MS are MS and knowing them they would definitely of tried to get it, maybe they were successful maybe they weren't put we wont know till after Bioshock releases on PS3

Dark vader3793d ago

Nah it would depend on how much the ps3 version sells. It it sells more than what microsoft has to offer then no it wont go exclusive.

predator3793d ago

thats true but that could back fire as many people would have already played it, if it sells under a mill i think it could go timed exclusive, if sells more than a mill then could come to both at the same time

TOSgamer3793d ago

BTW expecting a year old game to sell 1 million when the original sold around 2 million is a bit ridiculous. I think if it sells 400k to 500k on PS3 Take Two will up the price significantly. And it will be up to MS if they want to bust out the check book again.

Dark vader3793d ago

Even if it goes time exclusive it won't bother alot of ps3 fan, because they know their version is just around the corner with extra content and stuff. Just like the first one the second will come to.

Jinxstar3793d ago

See thats where I always saw MS failing. MS buys exclusives. Sony buys studios... In the game of monopoly Sony would win...

predator3793d ago

@jinxstar - yeah i agree, MS really need to strengthen there First Party dev, thats where the console war will be won or lost

kevnb3793d ago

with the assumption microsoft paid for timed exclusive, I doubt Bioshock 2 will be timed exclusive now that the ps3 is actually selling. And again, just because Microsoft lent a desperate rock* money for exclusive content doesn't mean Microsoft has every third party dev on payroll.

Zerodin3793d ago

If it's a game that's gonna be on a SONY console, then it's locked down exclusive.

But if it's a game that's on Microsoft's home turf(360/PC), then of course it is timed!

Smell that? It's hypocracy!

TOSgamer3793d ago

Did you read the quote from 2k? " Markus Wilding, International PR Director for 2K:

“We were approached by Microsoft and at that time, that deal made perfect sense for everybody, so we did it. As far as exclusivity deals go these days, they expire after a certain time, and then it was up to us to decide if it would make sense to release a PS3 version.

“Obviously we couldn’t announce it for a while. Had we announced it at the time we launched the 360 version, basically we’d nullify that deal, so we had to work it so both parties would be pleased.”"

What do you think the deal was for then if not money? A bucket of KFC? But if that's not enough proof for you then go look up Kotaku's interview with Peter Moore (before he ran off to EA) from E3 2k7.
Question: Does MS pay for exclusives?
Peter Moore's response: That's just the nature of the business.

@1.11 What double standard? You can bet MGS4 is a timed exclusive as well. But its for at least a year maybe two. If Konami still thinks it can make a decent amount of money then they will try to port it then. Proof? I also point you to Kotaku's interview with Jack Tretton from E3 2k7.

Question is Metal Gear Solid 4 an exclusive or timed exclusive.
Jack Tretton's response: Metal Gear Solid 4 is a PS3 exclusive for the foreseeable future. What Konami does with it two year down the line or something is up to them.

gaffyh3792d ago

This website is really stupid, they are basically giving their opinions on rumours, but NO hard facts. e.g. the FFXIII timed exclusive for PS3 is more than likely true, because I'm pretty sure that it takes more time for a game to be PORTED than to be localised.

The question is whether Square will delay the release of the PS3 version to coincide with the 360 version which will have to be both ported and localised. This is why teh port will take a while:

This is a quote from the E3 Square Enix conference:

Question: Can you discuss the process of developing the game’s engine — as it evolved from the White Engine into Crystal Tools, did everything go as planned, or were there some bumps along the way?

Yoshinori Kitase: I’d say that it’s on schedule as we’d originally planned, but it certainly hasn’t been easy, and it’s been quite a time-consuming process. FFXIII currently functions in all the basic ways, but we’re still working to polish the engine. People may be under the impression that it’s a total package that only needs to be tweaked a little bit in order to port the game to 360, but that’s not the case — we still have to fix it to make it more platform-specific.

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Poor Xbots3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, why are so excited for Alan Wake, which should be called Alan AWAKE!!! Poor Xbots, they only showed like a 30 sec. trailer, with the open world being limited to a DVD FORMAT from the fixme dvd player. Poor Xbots, is M$ gonna bribe again for Bioshock 2 to be a timed exclusive?

Poor Xbots

Montrealien3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I got a question for you, how many accounts have you had on this site?

power of Green 3793d ago

How do you do this Zambrota?, you're funny tanod it seems you need help.

One question Nasim, what makes you hate the 360 so much you do this? I have 15 of your accounts on ignor.

Playstation Man3793d ago

Power of Green?

Mart/Crab....what else hmmm?

power of Green 3793d ago

There is around 5 or 6 people that I know of on this site that have low scores due to them just opening their new accounts all trolling the 360 threads or anti MSFT multi platform threads saying basically the same thing.

This is the most accounts Nasim has ever had at any given time. People from this site Hack into MSFt fans info from their PC and they cuase trouble on XBL. This site has hackers and the mods are not telling us.

morganfell3792d ago


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power of Green 3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Does this kind of thinking come from adults or sane people?.

ape0073793d ago

I just want to see alan wake

predator3793d ago

agreed....come on MS show us Alan Wake

fenderputty3793d ago

I just built up my PC and I would like to see what the game is like. It's actually one of my more anticipated MS games.

Zerodin3793d ago

Just have too many other games to go through first!

ry-guy3792d ago

If you put ME at the top of that list, you won't be disappointed.

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