EDGE Preview: Dead Space

Horror is a lot like comedy – you can tell a joke once, maybe twice at most, but then it starts getting stale." EDGE asked Derek Chan, associate producer on EA's Dead Space, if there's a chance that players might become fatigued by the relentlessly oppressive setting of the dilapidated deep-space mining vessel, the Ishimura. Apparently not.

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poeo3738d ago

i have some high hopes for this game!

*reading full preview*

La Chance3738d ago

just come from checking out the trailer...that was scary.
Looks pretty good.

PistolPumptMonk3738d ago

The good thing about these types of games for me is that they don't have to be THAT scary for me to consider them successful.

For example, RE4 didn't really scare me that much, but it was unnerving and different, and most importantly, it was fun.

If Dead Space can pull off the fun factor, count me in.

flash743738d ago

This game looks fantastic! I like how they are setting up the story with the web comics on their site and XBOX live. I agree with the previous post about RE4. It doesn't have to be scary as much as unnerving and providing those "holy s**t!!" moments. That said, this game does like damn scary. I hope it turns out as good as it looks.

Charlie26883738d ago

The more I read or see about the game the more I like it :D