Wired Eyes-On: Bayonetta and Mad World

Wired's Chris Kohler writes:

"We didn't get to play Platinum Games' Bayonetta and Mad World at E3, but we did get to watch them.

Bayonetta, from the creative minds that brought us Devil May Cry, is quite possibly the only videogame preview that left the phrase "hair portal fist shoe" in my notebook. And I even remember what it means. The game's heroine has crazy magic hair, that she sends into a portal, and it comes out the other end in the form of a fist or a shoe to attack enemies.

Immediately following this brief playthrough, we watched an even briefer playthrough of Mad World. It's almost identical to what we saw in May, but at least they gave us screenshots. There are only two new things that I can note about this intriguing and violent Wii killathon."

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