Hilarious Fan Video, “Racing For Rupees” Shows Link Trying To Buy A Shield

Zelda Informer: "YouTube user Callegos-Y is no stranger to making animations online. In his latest video, he shows the trials and tribulations of trying to purchase a shield in the land of Hyrule. The video itself is done in Source Film Maker, a popular program in the online content creation community. Callegos-Y notes that he used pre-made, ported character models (the Link model used is notably from Hyrule Warriors). While only a couple minutes long, Racing For Rupees features a variety of cameos across the Zelda franchise and put several staff members in hysterics with it's on point comedic moments. As some would say in these appropriate scenarios, "Please Enjoy"."

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Metallox2059d ago

Easily one of the best Zelda fan videos I have ever seen, competes even with the 2D ones.