Batman Arkham Knight Will Have Multiple Endings

ASidCast: "So according to a few leaks and my really amazing hacking skills (Not really). We know now that there are approximately 3 ways Batman Arkham Knight can end. How do we know? Well iTunes has the official strategy guide from the game and there are images that reveal the fact that there will be multiple endings and that the different endings are connected to how many side missions you complete and how many side villains you can capture. And yes, you can "capture" villains from the looks of it as well, in the sense that you can drop them off at the GCPD after kicking their ass."

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DarkOcelet1759d ago

Here is how i think each ending will go...

First ending/Bad ending, Arkham Knight will kill Batman and Azrael will take his place and defeat Arkham Knight.

Second ending/normal ending, Scarecrow stopped, Arkham Knight defeated and Batman retires.

Third Ending/Best ending. Scarecrow stopped, Arkham Knight Defeated. Superman makes a cameo appearance. Rocksteady Justice League confirmed!

0nespark1759d ago

The superman ending, if true, would break the internet.

Fez1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Ring flying DLC confirmed.

bixxel1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )


0nespark1758d ago

@bixxel Doubt that'll help. Like, I HIGHLY doubt it. The universe of Batman Arkham series and the universe set up for Superman VS Batman are very different from each other.

OpieWinston1759d ago

Batman doesn't retire.

If anything Batman starts the plans to build the Watchtower.

skulz71759d ago

I also think Superman will make a cameo at the end or some hint at Rocksteadys next project!

BG115791759d ago

Are they included in the game or are they DLC?
That would really break the internet...

bloodybutcher1759d ago

I think that, instead of Superman, it should have Hulk Hogan. And the Arkham Knight will turn out to be David Hasselhoff.

Dirtnapstor1759d ago

LOL! Hopefully there will be some sort of cameo eluding to their next superhero project! Justice League vs Legion of Doom!

bixxel1758d ago

"And the Arkham Knight will turn out to be David Hasselhoff. "

Or even just a bad hallucination due to scarecrow toxin.

showtimefolks1758d ago

Can't wait hopefully the ending will be well worth it

Off topic

This will give ps4 a huge boost sales wise. Doesn't sony have exclusive marketing and a exclusive bundle

DaMN marketing rights so many big ones for Sony

star wars
if COD rumors are true than just wow
destiny whatever they announce will be at sony's conference

Sony can still do major, major damage sales wise. Especially the star wars and if COD

DarkOcelet1758d ago

Marketing or not, we both know it will sell higher on PS4 than any other platform.

But the marketing will increase the sales yeah.

And yes, the Scarecrow nightmare missions are exclusive and they have a bundle so its awesome.

showtimefolks1758d ago


Yeh but like you also said these exclusive deals do help. The point I was trying to make was that if Sony wants to depend on 3rd party stuff than they can still keep up the sales

Let's say this

Cod exclusive marketing
mgs exclusive marketing
star wars exclusive marketing

And if Sony were to secure exclusive marketing and 30 days of exclusive dlc for fallout 4 along with call of duty

Than its a wrap on holiday season

Along with that

Uncharted trilogy
god of war 3
no man sky
until dawn

And whatever else they announce at e3

This could be even a bigger year for sout without having to release any if their major 1st party titles

Oh I almost forgot the blood borne expansion

With the ps4 sales possibly passing 30 plus million by years end, we will see more and more games partner with sony/ps4 moving forward

My gut feeling is we will see at least one heavy hitter AAA exclusive this fall which will be announce at e3

Also Sony doesn't have a gamescom conference so I don't expect them to hold many things back

DarkOcelet1758d ago

Sony might not appear at Gamescom but at TGS, they will surely announce a couple of awesome JRPG exclusives so it will be something to see.

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Canthar1759d ago

I hope for no superman. I hate superman so much. Worst damn super hero ever.

OpieWinston1759d ago

Says the kid who's probably never touched a Comic.

Revolt131759d ago

I touched a comic...on Free Comic Day

Twill_1759d ago

You spelled Aquaman wrong.

Lamboomington1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I agree. I mean, his flying sucks. That shit is so dated. It isn't even cool anymore.

Laser eyes. The biggest problem I have with his laser eyes is that it does not seem likely to have lasers coming out of your eyes. I mean, I donno, I get that he's suppose to be a superhero, but if we ignore that part, then his laser beams don't make much sense, especially when heat distribution coefficients come into play.

My biggest problem with him is aerodynamics. Dynamic Tesselated Torsion and aquaplaning are not modelled in to his flight simulation when he moves through moist air, so his flight trajectory is actually just flat out wrong ! Moisture in air is essential because of the way it affects the physics simulation. But it also just makes everything more organic and sensual, which is really the biggest aspect.

Kingdomcome2471758d ago

Take a walk bro, just go do something lol. You're thinking too hard.

Lamboomington1752d ago


Couldn't resist xD
I'm sorry

antz11041758d ago

Worse than Steel? Really? REALLY?

markte1758d ago

Actually, he's one of only two TRUE superheroes. Captain America being the other.

Worst superhero ever? Compared to who?

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aquaticDonut1759d ago

I need this game in my face right now.

Twill_1759d ago

I'm actually not sure how I feel about this. I feel kinda burned out on multiple endings after playing Bloodborne, The Witcher, Infamous, and GTA recently. But I guess that's just me.

noxeven1759d ago

As long as none stuff is missable then why not do it all

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