GameSpy: Lips Preview

There is no shortage of karaoke videogames, yet somehow the Xbox 360 seems to have sidestepped this particular genre for quite awhile. But after witnessing the astonishing commercial success of Rock Band it seems that Microsoft's tune has changed. Developer Keiichi Yano (renowned for Elite Beat Agents on the Nintendo DS) describes Lips as "the ultimate party experience," but with so many other karaoke games (not to mention straight-up party games) available on competing platforms, what could possibly differentiate this one enough to make it the best? In the pursuit of an answer to this question, GameSpy gritted their teeth, shook a tambourine and hummed a few bars for Yano's latest musical endeavor.


- This here's a jam for all the fellas
- Try to do what them ladies tell us
- Get shot down 'cause you're overzealous
- Play hard to get females get jealous.


- Pitch-matching seemed awfully generous
- Mashing X to make clapping noises does not an ultimate party experience make.

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NewSchoolGamer3793d ago

when MS gave us a look at LIPS at their conference with some chick singing my Mom passed by the living room and said " what the f is that"?