Nintendo World Report: Sonic Unleashed Preview

Nintendo World Report writes: "Sonic Unleashed did have a presence at this year's E3, but only behind the closed doors of Sega's private booth, and only on the Xbox 360. The build on display had some kinks to work out, but the hands-off demonstration and discussion with the Sega representative provided some insight as to what to expect on the Wii.

Firstly, the PS3/Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed (henceforth referred to as the HD version) are different from the Wii (and PS2) version, although they have much in common. Sonic Unleashed HD is being developed entirely by Sonic Team. In contrast, the Wii rendition is being developed by an unspecified third party (despite direct questioning), with level design support from Dimps and Sonic Team's oversight. Dimps was responsible for the critically acclaimed Sonic Advance series for GBA, as well as Sonic Rush on DS, so the Wii variant holds some promise. In short, although the Wii and HD versions share the same premise and overall gameplay, the game engines and level designs are distinct."

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