Sony: 'DC Universe Online' Is An MMO For The Console Crowd Too

Mutiplayer's Tracey John reports:

"When I briefly spoke with John Blakely, VP of development for Sony Online Entertainment – Austin, at E3 last week, he promised that "DC Universe Online" has something for everybody.

For anyone who's a fan of DC Comics, they can, of course, expect nods to various aspects of the DC Universe. "The DC fan is going to be like 'I want to see Superman, I want to see Batman.' There's Bizarro, Big Belly Burger and those kind of things," Blakely said, without revealing too many details before a playable version of the game hits Comic Con later this week."

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NewSchoolGamer3744d ago

the game is good. I might get it if there is no monthly fee.

Nitrowolf23744d ago

i think they said it would be free

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3744d ago

The xbots are incapable of having a strong gaming community with a diversity of intellegent individuals.While Xbox Live is a community is of racists,annoying little children,mouthbreathers,drunks ,and socially inept retards incapable of having a single intelligent thought,PSN is a full fledgded free network based on the strong foundation of calm,mature adults that bring community and cooperation to the MMO universe.DC Online will be an experience for this gathering seeking innovation and entairtainment in broad new spectrums.The social outcasts of Xbox Live will indoubtedly be playing Halo 3 for the 1000th time because that game is at least playable for small children easily impressed by shiny objects.

NewSchoolGamer3744d ago

i think they should make it pay to play and make Everquest 3 or Guild wars 2 free to play on the PS3.

Now that would be nice.

BlackIceJoe3744d ago

A new EverQuest would be real cool. I really would love to see SOE make EverQuest 3 and if it could be for the PS3 too that would be sweet.

INehalemEXI3744d ago

I hope its more like the original eq then eq2.

Charmers3744d ago

I have to confess I haven't got a clue what the Devs are smoking here. I really cannot see this achieving any success on the PC. Still nothing ventured nothing gained I guess. Thankfully this is one game that won't suffer horrendous piracy, but then it won't sell eithe on the PC either.

Panthers3744d ago

It is in the DC universe. I think it will sell fine.

Baka-akaB3744d ago

Are you insane ? City of heroes had success without a big license like Marvel or DC , well without any license actually ... and you truly think THIS wouldnt work ?

I just wish MS didnt try one with Marvel , and taht SOE was working with Marvel instead , but oh hell , the DCU is fine too .

LoVeRSaMa3744d ago

If free, I will be getting this game, Sounds pretty cool =]

Reminds me of NCSoft's City of Heros/Villans.

killax35633744d ago

This game should be very similar to city of heroes. i wouldn't be surprised if it played almost identically.

good thing Sony locked up NCSoft or else they might have jumped over over to the xbox and developed City of Heroes to go against this DC Comics game.

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