The Witcher 3 Review: Angry Joe Show

Angry Joe's review on The Witcher 3

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DarkOcelet2294d ago

Great review as usual from AngryJoe.

marlinfan102294d ago

Yeah he's spot on with it. Witcher 3s one of the best games I've ever played. Ive put so many hours into it and I still feel like I've got a lot more ahead of me.

robtion2294d ago

Yeah, funny guy and pretty thorough with his reviews. Doesn't always get them right but generally pretty spot on and entertaining. I am loving The Witcher 3 too.

Huge misstep in not playing/reviewing Bloodborne though. He doesn't realise what he is missing.

DarkOcelet2294d ago

Yeah, that is actually pretty sad. I reckon he would love it as much as Witcher 3. If not even more.

Magicite2294d ago

I really enjoy watching his reviews.

DarkOcelet2294d ago

I think he is great yeah. I just wish he would make more reviews though lol and less playthroughs.

DialgaMarine2294d ago

Gonna pick this up tomorrow.

joab7772294d ago

I was on vacation til Monday. It's finally the weekend and I can put some time in. Just finished prologue.

You will NOT be disappointed!!!

brich2332294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

9/10 on consoles!

coolbeans2294d ago

*on consoles

He clarifies that at the end, probably due to technical performance issues.

DoctorFry2294d ago

Which is funny because he acknowledges the technical issues and bugs on the PC version, but decides to still give it a 10 wheras console version gets a 9. Must be the 60fps that justifies the perfect score for him, because gameplay/content wise (things he praised the whole time) both versions are identical.

brich2332294d ago

I've got the PC version and have technicle issues, so 9/10 for PC on my machine.

coolbeans2294d ago


Maybe. He could be going on the framerate issues brought in other reviews for the console versions. Can't say for sure what he's experienced between them.

Grap2294d ago

I've got the PC version and have NO technical issues, so 10/10 for PC on my machine.

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xTheMercenary_2294d ago

I think its because of the graphics and higher fps is why he gave it a 10 on pc 60fps just feels a whole lot better no matter what game you play, obviously its not essential for a game like this but its very good to have it anyway.

2294d ago
HaveAsandwich2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

it really is a 10/10. im 50 hours in and still farting around in the woods, at level 9. it never gets old. im going to be sad when it finally ends.

Lukaszram2294d ago

Yep... i finished it and felt terribly sad eventhough i still have a tone of contracts and sidequests to do... i wanna play it all again to see all other endings and stuff <3

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The story is too old to be commented.