Halo Wars Is In Control

Halo plus real-time strategy plus gamepad controls may sound like a recipe for a franchise misfire, but Ensemble Studios has polished Halo Wars to the point of an immediately playable console title. While some may argue that, like first person shooters, RTS games should only be played on a mouse and keyboard, Ensemble has done an admirable job of nailing the controls.

You'll move around the map with the left analog stick, zooming in and out with the right stick. Unit selection is done with the A button - hold A to select groups via a circle - but you can select all units on screen or every unit in your army with the right or left bumpers, respectively.

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Peekay3830d ago

is this game supposed to come out?!

Playstation Man3830d ago

This is looking like an awesome exclusive for the 360. I'll have to give it a try.

ASSASSYN 36o3830d ago

I can not wait for this title. C&C kain had great control but the 2nd game F'ed it up so bad I took it back the day I got it.