Rockband 4 Hands-On | Game Overview | Start Replay Plays

Josh from Start Replay writes, "After being on hiatus for a solid five years, how does it feel to return to the plastic instruments?"

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slasaru012374d ago

There is a wireless keyboard which allows playing for real in Rockband on 360. Anyone knows if it will be compatible with Xbox One?

lashes2ashes2374d ago

There is no keyboard support in rockband 4. If you are referring to 'pro' mode it is also not coming back in rockband 4.

slasaru012373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

This one

It's Rockband 3 though

lashes2ashes2373d ago

That keyboard will work for rockband 3. Not rockband 4 it has already been stated that keyboard support is not going to be in it.

LifeInNZ2374d ago

Had my fill of these games last gen, seriously cannot see myself buying into these games again. Not unless VR has a role to play and it makes it look like you're peerformkng on stage!

traumadisaster2373d ago

just got the Gear VR and there is a couple of videos of concerts and holy crap it's cool, it is like being on stage.

Now the resolution is so bad that it detracts from the experience but it IS like nothing else. If you like djs and bands next gen VR will be awsome for experiencing that environment.

Juangie32373d ago

I have just decided to try out Rocksmith instead so i can learn to play a real guitar... loved these games in the past but Rockband 3 was not all that great for me.