Mwgamers Review of The Orange Box PS3: Hows it work after the patch

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Ok, here's a quick recap for those who own a PS3 copy of The Orange Box. It's great, but by word does it annoy. Constant loading in some games or hideous slowdown in others. So, when I rented the game the other week, for the second time to finish it off, I was surprised that a patch was ready download, it was time to test what it did.

This review/article will have a paragraph or more on a certain game and give our verdict on how the patch has helped.

So sit down grab a beer , or your respective drink. Now get ready to read MWgamers Review of the PS3 review of Orange Box :Hows it work after the patch

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Drekken3766d ago

Did you read the review? Consumers threw temper tantrums and seem to have gotten their way. Blockbuster around my parts didnt even get a copy in for rental, so I beat HL2 5 years ago... I'll pass.

treereet3766d ago

Sometimes I feel like I'm in bizzaro world.

I didn't have any frame rate problems except for TF2 and the fan boat section. Plus the loading points were the same as my PC version. Only difference was on the PC they took 10 seconds and on the PS3 they took 12 seconds. Maybe I somehow got an uber Orange Box copy that was better than everyone else.

kazuma3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

wow, they patched it? gratz to all the people that stood up to them

edit: isn't this patch they're referring to the old one?

phoenixtilt3766d ago