Electronic Theatre E3 2008 Preview: Soul Calibur IV

With Soul Calibur IV only weeks away from release in Europe, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this year's E3 outing revealed little information. Mainly, because you'd be right.
Other than announcing the fact that the title had gone Gold for the Xbox360 and PLAYSTATION3, the build on show was impressive. Tidier than that seen previously, and without the frame-rate issues, it was apparently representative of the final build bar a few effects, and looks simply stunning.
As you may or may not know, each of the Xbox360 and PLAYSTATION3 releases have their own exclusive Star Wars character featured within; Yoda on the Xbox360, and Darth Vader on the PLAYSTATION3, as well as Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice featured in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. A Character Creation System is also present...

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