TalkingAboutGames Hands-on with The Force Unleashed

TalkingAboutGames writes: "With a *snap-hiss*, the blade of my lightsaber sprang into existence, deflecting blaster bolts left and right. I was Darth Vader's secret apprentice, Starkiller, a tool of the Dark Side of the Force, kept in hiding as Lord Vader trained me in the ways of the Sith. Now fully developed, my job was to eliminate the last remnants of the Jedi Order, traitors to the Empire, spread across the galaxy as they fled from Imperial justice. I would stop at nothing to accomplish my mission, and no one could stand in my way. There are no 'sides'. There are no innocents. If you got in my way, you'd die, in as violent a manner as possible. It didn't matter where your allegiances lay.

And thus began my 20 minute love affair with The Force Unleashed, the latest Star Wars game from LucasArts. It was brief. It was torrid. But when I reluctantly set down the controller and walked away, I was filled with a sense of unique satisfaction and joy, something I had forgotten LucasArts games were capable of."

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