Mega Man 9 GamerPics/Themes, Shirts on the Way

Capcom reveals that Xbox 360 GamerPics and Themes should be happening at some point, and that the popular Mega Man 9 "box art" shirts are on the way!

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crimsonfox3741d ago

do they want me to buy the game or what this box art is funking terrible.

ChickeyCantor3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

As they go back with the visuals they go back with the (wannabe)box-art.
This is just classic no matter how fugly you think it is.

juuken3741d ago

...I don't like that boxart.
I'm sorry but it's just...whack.

Product3741d ago

you obviously havent seen megaman 1 and 2 boxart then.

Nitrowolf23741d ago

the boxart is terrible
but i can see that because they went back to 8bits they have to go back to there old covers.
no, give us a better one. one that makes sence

LBD_Nytetrayn3741d ago

You guys know this isn't "real" box art, right? It's just a t-shirt/poster thing they did for E3, as a sort of parody/homage to the kinds of boxart you'd find for this stuff back in the NES days, where often, NOTHING on the box was right.