1UP: Soul Calibur IV Character Spotlight: Ivy

Isabella "Ivy" Valentine returns with the same goal: to destroy the evil sword Soul Edge by using the power of Soul Calibur. Problem is, evil can't use Soul Calibur -- sucks for Ivy, since evil runs in her blood. But that doesn't stop her from feverishly researching ways to harness the power of Soul Calibur in her palatial mansion.

Without warning, dear old dad Cervantes breaks into the mansion and consumes Ivy's soul, leaving her to die. But thanks to her edifying research, Ivy manages to save herself by fusing her soul and removing the impurities that had contaminated her. Her soul pure, Ivy can now harness the power of Soul Calibur!

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MAiKU3765d ago

I always loved using Ivy.

360 man3765d ago

ivys got some nice............ puppys