Too Human DLC a Possibility

"While developing games for Xbox 360, developers not only have to think about the core game, but also ways to keep the game going once consumers have completed it. Games such as Oblivion have had their replay value increased with DLC, and it seems Denis Dyack, CEO of Silicon Knights, is a fan of the whole downloadable content scene."

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predator3743d ago

I would hope that they are considering it, hopefully they will be big DLC

cain1413743d ago

Will neeed to sell the game itself before worry about DLC.

predator3743d ago

yeah hopefully the game sells well so they support it after release

Multigamer3743d ago

Can't wait for this game

thegamereviews3743d ago

Played it at E3, downloaded the demo and it is going to be fantastic on release!

cain1413743d ago

I'm still iffy on this one...

mariusmal3743d ago

didnt the main menu of the demo had a directory called DLC ? or am i wrong ? maybe i'm talking about another game.

Nick27283743d ago

I know most well publicized games are considered overrated but I think Too Human is going to be a particularly fitting example of the species. Besides isn't it better to see how the game does before planning DLC stuff?