Resistance 2 countdown over

The countdown is now over. We reveal.


That Gaming Site now contains some pictures of the new site and more updates to what it is about.
The site has been updated again, this time with a theory.

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BigBaehr3829d ago

Where I don't see no enter button.

Elven63829d ago

Its underneath the video

Bubble Buddy3829d ago

Reminds me of Resident Evil.

Nitrowolf23829d ago

there also a new countdown

Nitrowolf23829d ago

there also a vote
we can ote who is going to get tested on next week

Elven63829d ago

Yea for the poll right? I'm gonna place my vote after seeing the test videos.

SIX3829d ago

Here's my take on the whole voting thing. I actually thing it's for the beta depending on if you enrolled or not. Every guy has a different trait....medic/infantry etc. The guy you pick will be the guy you get to play in the beta....that's if they choose you.

Tomdc3829d ago

i voted oster he seems like a bit of a twat as opposed to the other 2. One is a war hero and the other is a family man...

Whoever we pick will die i think

Mr_cheese3829d ago

It seems there is a new batch of videos as well. Who is everybody voting?

Nitrowolf23829d ago

allot of new videos also

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The story is too old to be commented.