Games For Windows Live Multiplayer Goes Free

At the Gamefest 2008 event on Tuesday, Microsoft announced that all Games for Windows Live multiplayer features are now free. These features -- including multiplayer achievements, matchmaking, cross-platform play with the Xbox 360, GFW voice chat, and more -- previously required a GFW Live Gold account. The change is effective immediately and across all GFW titles, both past and future.

Other changes to the service were also announced, hit the jump for full details.

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NDN_Shadow3738d ago

Though they're still behind Steam.

Elven63738d ago

Steam and GFWL are two different things, once is a distribution platform while the other could be called a development platform..I guess.

Mr_cheese3738d ago

still seems like great news. It always start somewhere

rroded3738d ago

Now all they got to do is drop their bs drm and use something more like steam...

TheIneffableBob3738d ago

Steam is also a development platform. Valve released a tool for developers called Steamworks a few months ago that lets developers easily integrate things into their games like achievements, stat tracking, leaderboards, buddy lists, server browsers, and more. It's also free (for both the gamer and the developer).

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SoIid Snake3738d ago

Lol, those loyal Live subscribers just got a free GangBang session with Microsoft.

Shroomy3738d ago

Anyone got the feeling Xbox Live is going to get a price drop? Going free is out of the question, Microsoft have made a Billion off it since 2005, so it's only natural for them to keep charging but a smaller price is a lot more attractive, and it will keep it even higher than PSN.

Elven63738d ago

Its a possibility since they are probably going to get some percentage of the netfilx revenue as well.

green3738d ago

Xbox live will never be free but a price cut would be welcome.

Also if say live membership + netflix membership for a year is $110.They could make an all in one deal for say $80.It would be a good way of getting more silver members to upgrade to gold while, gold members to join netflix.

Anyway charging users for Games for windows was a bad decision in the 1st place.Good to see them now making the right decision.

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The story is too old to be commented.