TV Producer: 'Knight Rider' Competes with Xbox

Gary Scott Thompson, who will be executive producing the new Knight Rider series, says that their "competition is Xbox." He went on to say, "when you look at what happens on an Xbox, if we're not emulating [or] at least getting someone to pay attention that way, then we're going to lose audiences completely."

He also said that he noticed in the two-hour special that aired earlier in the year, that characters spent a lot of time driving and he's looking to inject more action in the new series.

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CAPT IRISH3741d ago

someone explain what he just said to me

avacadosnorkel3741d ago

he wants Knight Rider's car to become a Pinto.

PenisaurisDix3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Xbox I guess, is the new Playstation :)

Sir Ken - Slits his belly with his sword.
Dark $niper - Prepares rant about futility of Knight Rider series.

LostChild3741d ago

He wants to get more viewers to watch the show instead of playing games on there Xbox360/Playstation consoles. Because right now, people would rather play their games then watch some half-arsed remake of a show. Tv ratings vs Online Gaming community.