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The Witcher series first took the gaming world by surprise back in 2007. From a small, unheard of studio (CD Projekt Red) came this roleplaying game that was deep, interesting, and most importantly, treated its players like they were adults. With crafting, alchemy, magic, and a fantastic combat system, The Witcher came essentially out of nowhere and swept the PC gaming market by storm. Fast forward to 2011 and CD Projekt Red releases The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings. Where The Witcher laid the foundation of the crafting and alchemy aspects of the series, The Witcher 2 not only improved on every aspect of the first title but laid the groundwork for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. As the first two titles were beyond excellent, the highly anticipated third title had a lot to live up to.

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Irishguy951384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Mad! I'm very glad i've experience no bugs yet. PC here.

Yeah I get you Chalgyr, its my game of the em..well, one of those rare games that is insanely good for me. Very rarely happens for me. A shame about bugs for whoever is getting them.

Chalgyr1384d ago

It was very frustrating for Robert to run into those major bugs over and over again. He felt it could be game of the year - if the bugs would just get out of the way and let him play it.

thekhurg1384d ago

6.25 because you had some exclusively unique bugs that nobody else has brought up?

Yet Skyrim got a pass with 8+ score while it had countless more confirmed bugs and glitches with an extreme amount of loading times?

Strange scoring standards...

Chalgyr1384d ago

Different people, different review experiences as it happens. I wrote our Skyrim review - never ran into a game breaking bug. Robert ran into a couple that actually kept him from completing the Witcher. Edge cases or not, we don't score the game based on what it could have been or for the content we couldn't access because it crashed/bugged out, you know?

Hellsvacancy1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

By that logic if you was reviewing a film and the dvd you used was dirty and made the film unwatchable at times you would lower the review score rather than clean the dvd and start again, maybe even again?

"There are some bright spots to be found, but the overall package is lacking" wow

InTheLab1384d ago

Hels....that's poor argument....

vitz31384d ago


If bugs are what's puckering the reviewer's pink posie then perhaps a revisit type review would be in order once things get patched up further?

I think the reason your site's review is seen as a joke is because the review reads like an whiny teenager's forum post. There is very little discussion on the gameplay, iterative refinements between the last game, characterization, controls, systems in play, scale of the game, emotions induced by events, the perceived tone of the environments and populace etc.

All of this is barely dabbled upon in the critique and just comes off as childish and shallow. I walk away from reading this feeling like I was just lightly informed about the value of my purchase. Too much focus on graphics, technical issues and like. Issues that can be ironed out eventually especially in today's online console lot.

Yes, I get the idea of reviewing a product as it comes. It's a simple idea and one to be acknowledged. However, with 70+ hours the reviewer spent in the game they should have at least gotten some other points they wanted to convey besides graphics and bugs.

You really should take a look at how other sites and mediums review material, your site is off in left field and does little to service the reader.

mikeslemonade1384d ago

I'm still stuck on Baron's quest. Good score because this game too high on meta and gamerankings.

NukaCola1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

When the article submitter/writer has to argue, gets defensive and/or justify themselves on a thread, the credibility of it just dies out. Sorry you had all these bugs that NO ONE else had...but the review is pretty weak.

HaveAsandwich1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

ive had no bugs, myself. dunno.

Braid1383d ago

Of course there has to be that one person who disagrees with everyone else. Actually it took quite a while this time.

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moegooner881384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Many people myself included are facing many issues, crashes and bugs. Almost all my issues started occurring post update.

LamerTamer1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Buggy incomplete broken rushed out games are he standard these days. This generation is so disappointing and that is the main reason. Woe to those without a good internet connection or one at all, this generation basically gives them the middle finger and leaves them out. Devs use the internet as a crutch for their crap coding.

Everyone else gets the annoyance of having to download massive patches all of the time and having to wait for them to arrive many times so they can continue playing. If you re-install the game later to replay etc you need to re-download the damn patches again as they are DRM filled and can't be backed up/restored individually. Once the patches are eventually taken offline you have a broken game on the disc forever.

VickerC1384d ago

No bugs for me besides a crash to the desktop a couple of times. PC version here.

While I can imagine the frustration, the reviewer should IMO also give a score based on the first 50 hours without the major crash.

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Revolt131384d ago


April fools right?

joab7771384d ago

I'm not even clicking on this. I've been waiting b/c that's how it's usually done. Ppl wait and then either give a much higher or lower review. It works b/c it gets a ton of hits and comments.

If he had bugs, that's unfortunate. But compared to other world or semi open games, I've had almost no issues.

Chalgyr1384d ago

Not April Fool's - I'm not sure if you read the article or not, but Robert ran into at least two different bugs on two different playthroughs that kept him from being able to advance the game any further. There's no denying that it is a great game - but the inability to complete it is not an insignificant problem.

gprime1384d ago

Bugs that wouldn't have cost him more than 5 minutes of his time if he had kept multiple saves. After the first one cost me over 50 hours, I sure as hell would've learned my lesson and started keeping multiple saves. Fool me once, shame on you...

InTheLab1384d ago


At what point does the player stop jumping through hoops to play the game, before a critic is allowed to punish a game for critical bugs?

gprime1384d ago

I'm not saying he's not allowed to punish it. It definitely deserves to lose some points for the bugs. That said, the reviewer loses some credit too, for not learning from what happened the first time, and it's hardly jumping through hoops to create a new save file occasionally rather than overwriting a perfectly good one

Baka-akaB1384d ago

There is punishing a game for its flaw, and there is venting and rageing against it , with the added bonus of being "so against popular opinion" . We always get one alternative reviews or two that way .

frostypants1383d ago

It's also the timing of this review that is questionable. Just happened to post a low-score review for a highly regarded game AFTER the rest of the critical noise had settled a bit. Sorry, but regardless of the potential honesty of the review itself, this reeks of typical N4G clickbait to me.

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TheHaloGuy1384d ago

Not gracing with a click, and neither should you.

Chalgyr1384d ago

Guessing you suspect that the review is just trolling for clicks - however, if you do happen to read it, you will see that the reviewer ran into more than one game-breaking bug that prevented him from completing not one, but two separate playthroughs. Robert does acknowledge that the core game itself is a lot of fun, but it is hard to score a game favorably that crashes repeatedly or prevents you from progressing the primary storyline.

totallysane1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

but knocking 4 points for something like that. mechanics work great, game looks and plays great. I had the same issue when I reviewed blackwell epiphany. point and click adventure on pc. A glitch froze the game almost at the end and i couldn't finish it. still loved the game, but didn't skewer the score just because of that. Shit happens

morganfell1384d ago

No, not reading it. Not clicking on it. You have said enough in your posts here to put myself and others off of your site. When did you review Skyrim? A year after release?

You want people to read what you are writing. We did here on this forum. Why visit a website likely to have more remarks as questionable as the ones you have posted here?

When you make claims and sound incredulous then be prepared to reap the whirlwind.

Just remember, sometimes it actually is you.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1384d ago

So what you're saying is... "It appears that its a money grab, but if you would give me your money you'll see its not"

Nice try.

1384d ago
FarEastOrient1384d ago


Wow, you're posting all over this comment section defending the review. Just admit that the reviewing standards of your site is low.

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TXIDarkAvenger1384d ago

That's a shame you had a disappointing experience. I have it on PC and its probably my favourite game of 2015 and I've played it hours on end. I did run into 2 bugs however which were some decapitated floating heads and Geralt's hair floating behind him. This only happened once so far so it wasn't such a big deal.

Kal-V31384d ago

Nice try, buddy. Clickless you will remain..