E3 Predictions, who will win E3?

Dan, joe and their special guests Mj, and Max talk about what the big announcements for E3 will be, and which conference will steal the show! (This podcast was recorded on 5.17.15)

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Dlacy13g1285d ago

This really should be the answer...and so far based on the games getting early announcements I would say we the gamer are indeed the only "true" winner of E3.

Automatic791285d ago

Way to early to call who will win let's watch the shows first before we call winners.

3-4-51285d ago

* Currently gaming on XB1, Wii U, PSP, N3DSXL, PC, Vita

I can't wait for many games I'll be able to play and find out about.

It's like information Christmas.

Testfire1285d ago

Then you'll win no matter what. I haven't picked up a current gen console yet and just game on PC, but I'll watch all the conferences with anticipation of great games exclusive or not. E3 is just a fun time to be a gamer.

rainslacker1285d ago

The people who run E3. They'll make a ton of money off all these companies.:)

Gamers FTW!

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Poli_Games1285d ago

Gamers always win E3. Yet there is always a conference that steals the show. Two years ago Sony captured the spark of gamers world. The real question of who "wins" E3 is really who is able to capture everyone's attention at E3, in one way or form. I think it is go to be Bethesda. But who knows!? I think this E3 could be the best we've seen.

hello121285d ago

Sony won E3 2013 even though i think Microsoft had a better game launch line up.

E32014 Microsoft won they showed more than Sony

E32015 has not happened yet, but i think Microsoft will have better E3 than last year.

Moldiver1285d ago

So many disagrees for KNWS and yet no logical rebuttle, to challenge this notion..figures.

I agree for the record. MS launch games were better. But sony's E3 2013 'win' was kind of a forgone conclusion given the shit tonne of a PR mess, MS was in. All sony had to do was say they were not doing the things in the original xbox reveal to win. Their big moment was announcing you could trade games. Talk about an easy goal! I bought the Ps4 first based off that E3. But forza, DR3, ryse and killer instinct were more appealing titles than KZ:shadowfall, knack and resogun.

E3 2014...MS delivered promises of games and delivered on those promises. FH2, MCC SSOD, and ori have all been critical successes, as well as quality games. Bloodborne is the only game from sony's E3 2014 to impress. DC and the order being particularly mediocre inspite of their graphical finesse.

MS E3 2015 looks like it will be even more ram packed than last years. So its a given that MS E3 this year will be even better. This is one thing that is a given at this point. even without bringing rival platforms into the equation.

N4g_null1285d ago

Actually most websites and gamers though Nintendo had ummmm better games, less pr speak, less cgi, I mean Zelda was shown, slaptoon was shown, smash tournament over 8hrs of live gameplay. This was after watchdog gate, then drive club came, ms big guns didn't move any one price did. The HD twins are a mess. Yet ms hololens will be pretty cool, so is win 10.

So far ms and Sony have been a bust. They need real games that are addictive not just pretty. A morphious vr would be spreading Sony first party to far I believe since they couldn't even support the ps4 eye or move or the vita.

Letthewookiewin1285d ago

There is no doubt MS always has a fantastic E3 but it's far from unanimous that any company wins an E3. All opinions. Adding to that, if MS truly "wins" all these E3's with their incredible line up's there wouldn't be 2:1 gap.

hasamalaha1285d ago

I didn't disagree with him, but he didn't really provide any arguments for his choices either.

E3 2014 was pretty boring. Most people think Nintendo won the show. Microsoft was last based on IGN polls.

Nosred1285d ago


I agree that MS turn to win this E3.O that these increases chance and line up "weak" said the sony own.

deafdani1285d ago

In my opinion (and many others' ) it was Nintendo who ran away with the show last year. You seem to be forgetting about them completely.

As for this year, I have no idea, it can be anyone's show.

CaptainN1285d ago

Yea Nintendo had the Tree House segments, the Nintendo Direct and the Smash Tournament. They very much "won" last years E3 hands down so I dont know what you are talking about !!

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ZaWarudo1285d ago

Bethesda already won.

Pack up and go home, people.

TwilightSparkle1285d ago

Game gear!! Woohoo!!......just kidding! But whoever owns all three consoles will win! XD

The 10th Rider1285d ago

Well, 5 counting the handhelds...and a gaming PC because you've got the PC software showcase.

TwilightSparkle1285d ago

Oops my bad all five. Who ever owns all five.^^

NinjaRichParty1285d ago

I think this year the gaming community as a whole will. I have a feeling that everyone is going to bring their A game this year.

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