GameSpot: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Screens

More screenshots of Fiddy's latest game.

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PhantomMD3742d ago

This game looks like a big ole fail to me ...just like all of the other games that feature musicians as the protagonist... journey,Moonwalker the Aerosmith gun game.

pwnsause3742d ago

the aerosmith gun game was awesome though. "REMEMBER, MUSIC IS THE WEAPON"

Kleptic3742d ago

what was the name of that?...Revolution X or something?...that game was ridiculously fun in arcades...haha firing CD's as a secondary weapon...put many a dollar into that machine as a kid...

NathanGra3742d ago

Is this game even being made... did the first sell any copies? At all? How did that game not do worse than E.T. ?