Nintendo: Hardcore gamers 'critically important to us'

"Absolutely the hard-core gamer crowd is critically important to us." Which would explain why so much of Nintendo's E3 press conference was taken up by spirited flailing, smiling soccer moms and the worst rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme the world has ever been forced to endure.

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Hagaf223743d ago

"Absolutely the hard-core gamer crowd is critically important to us"

ya think? cuz everyone else who bought the wii knows its a fad are quickly getting bored, hardcore gamers are the ones who stick around long enough to give you a chance...

gaffyh3743d ago

Nintendo's E3 conference was like a big pile of fail, but they don't care about Hardcore anymore, Nintendo has got it's sales from the casual crowd. The ones that won't buy another game for the system, but they still bought the system and that's all Nintendo cares about.

Boink3743d ago

if hardcore gamers are so important, then why did your e3 not have anything appealing to that demographic?

ChickeyCantor3743d ago

Because they used E3 for something else?
E3 =/= judgement day.
Get over it =/.

Boink3743d ago

I consider myself somwhere between a casual and hardcore gamer, but there are 2 casaul gamers in my household and nintendo's e3 didn't even excite them.

nintendo failed e3. not that it will affect their sales one bit as their gravy train just keeps on rolling...

Fototherapist3743d ago

a Nintendo fanboy rears his ugly head. Sidar, what exactly did they use E3 for?

ChickeyCantor3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

they used it for Casual nonsense
Not for "core" stuff.
Thats my point.

"something else" > Casual stuff.

You guys expected loads of " core " information, but they used this E3 for Something else: Casual information.

You guys sure like to take stuff twist, bend and take it out of context.

Seriously get over it, what you going to do about it?
It sucked so freaking what its not the end of the world =/.

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va_bank3743d ago

It's not that Wii forgot about hardcore gamers - Wii just want them to start playing casual games.

lastboss3743d ago

Bullshit : If they were so important they will have sold a real wiimote and a real hardware (at least as powerfull as a taito type X 2).

IzKyD13313743d ago

who needs hardcore games?
i cant wait to swing my arms around like a maniac air drumming, and i just scream when i think about playing the amazing wii sports resort, the sequel to the most awesome-est awesome game ever

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